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Rich in color, accurate in history, the murals painted by the late Don Sprague transport a person back to a time when bank robbers rode through the dusty streets of Coffeyville, two local brothers created a flying sensation, and a man named Walter “Big Train” Johnson left his mark as a legend in baseball.

Between 1988 and 1992, Sprague painted 14 murals in and around downtown Coffeyville. Before he began painting any of the murals, Sprague spent hours doing research, making sure each mural was historically accurate.

The murals command a second look when people learn that hidden in the scenes is the name of Sprague's son, Tim. The dots after Sprague's signature represent the number of times “Tim” appears in a mural.

Thanks to Don Sprague's generosity of time and talent, the batter on Don Sprague's favorite mural will always stand ready at the plate. And on a warm summer day, if you listen closely, you can almost hear the announcer's voice echoing through the air and the crowd cheering on forever. One can only image how many more historically significant paintings we might have been able to admire in Coffeyville were Don Sprague still around. And so Coffeyville, as well as the name and murals of Don Sprague will likely be remembered in tomorrows “history.”



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